When Is a Gaming TV Worth Buying?

TV’s have always been present in the world of gaming, as some of the most primitive computers and gaming consoles used a television screen. Due to the advancements of technology, flat computer monitors and TV’s can now offer the most immersive experience for gamers. It is true that being a gamer is already the best reason to to buy a gaming TV. The rest of the reasons can be: a larger picture, better contrast, brightness and color palette, the existence of a gaming mode, having the advantage of ab all-in-one device(television plus Internet plus games), etc.

There are two distinct possibilities when people buy TV’s for gaming: the acquisition can be either bad, or a very good one. There are factors that can incline the balance to one side or the other. You can rapidly spot a good TV for gaming if the images on the screen respond fast to the commands you give from the remote. What this actually means in more technical terms is that your television set has very low input lag or no input lag at all. Not all gamers may notice the difference between a TV with a low input lag and a device with high input lag.

The input lag is the delay that occurs because of image processing. TV’s benefit from image processing and different filters that are meant to enhance the picture for movies and television programs. These features are not good for games, as they cause delays. Many TV’s have a Game Mode in which these aesthetic improvements are deactivated, sacrificing image quality for speed. There is no point in buying a flat panel TV that doesn’t have a Gaming Mode if the purpose of buying it is gaming.

Even if there is no Gaming Mode, there could be other features that make a TV good for gaming. However the TV must be properly configured before you start playing games on it. If there is input lag and motion blur, the gaming experience can be unpleasant, especially because of the tearing effect. LCD TV’s that have a native refresh rate of about 100 to 200 Hz and beyond can be great, but plasmas can be even greater.

For plasmas, the tearing effects are minimal due to the native 600 Hz refresh rate. Modern plasma TV’s are not like the models from the past. The newer models have burn in protection. For older plasmas, the screen usually became damaged after a static image was on the screen for too long. For modern plasmas, this problem got fixed almost entirely through a feature called burn in protection.

The conclusion is that a gaming TV is worth buying when it has certain features and characteristics that are really meant for gaming. From all the television sets that exist on the market, only some of them may really be for gaming. The rest of them only have the word gaming in their description, without providing a real solution. Whatever you choose, make sure you get an LCD TV of at least 100 Hz, a Gaming Mode and a very low input lag. Plasma TV’s can be a great choice as well.

What To Look For In The Best 40 Inch Gaming TV In The Market

Gaming TV is one thing and getting the best 40 inch gaming TV is another. This is so because, before you choose on which gaming TV you buy, there are many things you need to take into account. One of these things is the size of the screen. It is even believed that a game is determined by the size of the screen. There is some truth in that belief. One is only able to play a game better when they can vividly see the pictures clearly, objects of play and on a nice crystal clear flat Plasma or LCD screen. So the size of the screen cannot be underestimated.

There are however not so many 40 inch gaming TVs to choose from. That means that you have ample time to do your selection. Because of this reason, the category usually involves 40”-42” size screens. Here are the few in the market:

1. Sony KDL-42W653A

Sony will always be associated with superb quality. This is so far the best 40 inch gaming TV in the world. There is no doubt about that. Sony has lived to make a mark in the world and everywhere you go they stand out when it comes to electronics and especially TVs. The picture quality for this type of TV is not compromised. It comes with a down-to earth low input lag that is so efficient for a serious gamer. So if you are in the search of a 3 D enabled 40” screen, the answer is in your hands.

2. Samsung UN40H6350 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV
There might be much difference between this type of Samsung and the other flagship Samsung called Samsung UN40H6350 but this TV that was brought to the market for the first time in 2013, is unique. Of interest is its higher grade panel and arc-shaped stand that is seemingly unusual. This TV handles the cross talk and motions much better resulting in scintillating results. Its slender shape and uniquely size and shape make it remarkable. It also has a newest feature called the Cinema Black.

3. Toshiba 40L453DB

You may despise this TV basing on the cheap or let us say affordable bargain. If you do so, you would be lost. This is one of the best 40 inch gaming TV with substance. It has all that you want in a gaming TV. It has one of the less features of such a TV namely: passable smart system. With that, it is able to perform streaming services, has a USB, multimedia playback that is definitely enabled by the USB drive, and the DLNA among other substantive features. The picture technology is made in a manner that it is pseudo 200 Hz. Don’t panic when you compare it’s amazing features with the price, go into your pocket and head home as you enjoy three HDMIs.
The truth is that you might not expect much from its sound but that does not mean that it has a hitch. All its features including the sound are intact. All you need to do is to concentrate on the game and kill the weekend in a nice and easy way otherwise you will not be able to kill the emptiness that engulf many in solstice.