Congratulations to our 2014 Playwrights!

Congratulations to our 2014 Maine Playwrights! We received more than 80 entries this year and were delighted with the strength of scripts. The final selection was very close and judged on a strict 6-point scoring rubric including story, structure, character, dialog, originality and producability. We thank everyone who submitted this year and encourage everyone to continue to write and submit their work.

Our 2014 Playwrights:

Josh Brassard - God Visits Lucifer on the Occasion of the Anniversary of the Fall

"Omniscient mystical being gets drunk and seeks out their former lover, who just happens to be the yin to their yang, on the anniversary of their split, hoping for resolution, but proving that even gods can't do anything when their drunk."

​Sybil Baker​ - The Church of the Divine Potluck

"The church's fundraising committee discusses everything- except fundraising."

Linda Britt - What If...

"An after-dinner game turns dangerous as alcohol flows freely and the participants reveal closely-held secrets, leading to betrayal and an unexpected resolution."

Lynne Cullen - To Whom It May Concern

"When an angry young prisoner tells his dream to his good-natured cellmate, he discovers that actions have consequences, even in dreams."

Stephen Dennis - Finish It

"This play is about how people keep going, despite the puzzles of living."

Kathy Hooke - The Sign

"An elderly, set-in-his-ways man grieving for his wife must decide whether to entrust her beloved car to a stranger from a completely different culture, learning in the process that dislocation and loss can take many forms."

Michael  Kimball - Dissagreement at the Dead Boot Saloon

"Gun control in the wild, wild west "

John Manderino​ - Carl

"Carl tries to justify having murdered his "girlfriend."

Jody McColman​ - Schrodinger's Roulette

"Two brothers are faced with an impossible, life-or-death choice."

Laurie Mederios - Incidentally

"Three agitated characters overcome confusion, trauma, and incessant smart phone use to discover their real roles in each other's lives. "

Patricia Mew - The Hurricane

"Two old friends meet, by chance, at a bar, and have a chat with unintended results."

Jefferson Navicky​ - The Purchases

"A bedridden farmer receives a pep talk from a well-to-do neighbor."

Jennifer Reck - Before the Curtain

"It turns out the real action is in the audience as passive aggressive theatre-goers attempt to gain the upper hand against rivals while waiting for a play to begin."

Howard Rosenfield - A Storybook Romance

"A young man must wrest a book away from his love in order to propose marriage. "

Shirley Sergent​ - An Absence of Grey

"A devoted professor's wife of thirty-five years must either assign her husband's care to a his twelve-year-mistress from past years, or kill him."

Ryan William Sheppard - Brinner with Cindy

"College freshman, Nick Caldwell, returns home for a long weekend with his new girlfriend, Cindy. Nick's already anxiety-ridden weekend takes an unexpected turn when he's forced to face all of his fears in one surreal evening."

David Susman - Stuck

"A husband and wife decide to expand their sexual repertoire - and encounter unforseen problems."

Erica Thompson - Battle Faire

"Winter has overstayed her welcome and May has arrived to claim her rightful place. Yet, as we know, Winter never gives up without a fight!"

Jo-Anne Walton - The Abyss

"Steve's been working up the courage to make a declaration to Lauren and it's not going as he intended."

Stay Tuned...

Selected entries for the 2014 Maine Playwright's Festival will be announced soon! We look forward to presenting a full program of the best new new work from Maine playwrights!

Script Submission is Closed!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a script to the 2014 Maine Playwright's Festival!* 

It's fantastic to see such a wide variety of work represented from all over the state.

What happens next:

Our duodecad of dedicated readers will be receiving your plays in the next few days to begin the reading and scoring process. Each play will be reviewed at least twice and scores will be tabulated. Plays with controversial scoring or unusually difficult-to-product concepts may receive additional reviews. Playwrights can expect to receive notification about the final festival selection by mid-February. Scoring details and any notes from the readers will be emailed back to the playwrights to help you understand what the readers liked (or didn't!) about your scripts.    

Good luck to everyone! We'll be back with more news in February. 

*Don't worry if your play is still in the mail. All entries (and payments) postmarked by Jan 15th will be accepted and distributed to the reader's pool.